Best Sittin’ Spots in Disneyland Resort pt.1

Sometimes at Disneyland you can find yourself a little overwhelmed by weather or crowds and all you want to do is sit somewhere quietly, but where do you go? The benches on main street? Too crowded. Maybe a ride? Pirates and Haunted Mansion are great sitting rides with air conditioning, but pirates has a 40 minute wait and Haunted Mansion is down for Nightmare Before Christmas refurbishment. So where do you go then to find some peace and quiet? Well to help in trying times like these below I’ve compiled a list of my top ‘sittin’ spots in Disneyland and one of the hotels. I’ve included screenshots from the Disneyland mobile app to help guide you to lesser known spots.

1.) Tom Sawyer Island Picnic Area

Tom Sawyer Island is not only a great place to have the younger members of your party explore and burn off some energy, but it also provides a few quiet areas as well. When you disembark onto the island immediately make a right passing around the ‘Fantasmic!’ stage area and past the house with the waterwheel. On this side of the island you should find some picnic benches along the waterfront that are rarely, if ever, used. While here you get a scenic view of passing ships on the river and Frontierland across the way. We were alone on this side of the island for half an hour one day before encountering another soul. So next time you need some extended quiet, maybe grab a snack and row on over to the Island.

Pros: picnic tables, away from park guest traffic

Cons: The wait for the rafts can take a minute

2.) The Haunted Mansion Fastpass Garden

Underutilized during regular operation of The Haunted Mansion the fast pass Garden provides a spooky, yet serene spot. While there are no benches, the wide wall along the perimeter provides easy sitting. You are shaded by vines and decaying overgrowth while serenaded by a haunting music box melody. In the background you can occasionally hear the train arrive in new Orleans station and let out plumes of steam with a loud bellow.

Pros: easily accessible, spooky ambient vibes. What the kids would call “a mood.”

Cons: Will have more traffic during peak visitor times such as summer and Haunted Mansion Holiday

3.) Raised Platform by It’s a Small World

If you’re heading up to Small World or Toon Town along the right you’ll notice an elevated, two-tier platform area. While this also a great place for parade viewing, during non parade/fireworks hours this is a solid spot to hide out in the shade away from the thoroughfare of the stroller filled traffic. The short walls on both tiers are made wide enough for guests to comfortably sit on. Note: if you are looking to hold a parade spot, wait against the fence and you’ll have an unobstructed view above the folks sitting on the walkway below. Stick to the end near Edelweiss Snacks as the other is often for reserved parade/fireworks viewing.

Pros: open, multi-tiered. areas

Cons: does get more crowded for parades if that’s something you are not interested in.

4.) Tables between Galactic Grill and the Tommorrowlanding Shop

Tucked between the store and the pathway to the galactic grill seating area is a quiet stash of tables where you can have your 2pm energy crash. The vibe of this section is ‘exhausted parents hideaway’. My partner and I have used it as a nap zone on several occasions now with the only disturbance we’ve ever had being the Disneyland Band playing over launch bay. (not a bad way to wake up from a power nap I must say.)

Pros: prime area to hang out while waiting for Tomorrowland attraction fastpasses to activate.

Cons: sometimes the chairs/tables can be food sticky

5.) The Rocking chairs in The Grand Californian

There’s no rule saying that because you aren’t staying at the hotel that you can’t hang out in it. Inside the main lobby by the fireplace and another outside in the courtyard are very padded rocking chairs where quiet, tired vacationers like to sit a spell. Unlike the other hotels this place is close enough to the park that it’s not too much of a trek to get there.

Pros: Cushioned seating, warm area and quiet

Cons: Can fill up easily in the colder months.


And there you have it, a few of Disneyland’s quiet places to recenter yourself. Please stay tuned for part 2 of this series where I cover California Adventure and other spots around the resort!