Vintage Knotts Berry Farm Booklets pt.1

My lovely partner decided to surprise me with an early Valentine’s Day present this year, not knowing that they were in fact items I had been eyeing on Ebay for some time. He got me a couple of vintage Knott’s Berry Farm souvenir booklets, which I can date late 40s/early 50s at earliest.

In fact, the smaller one on my left caught my attention and I scrolled back through my phone gallery and sure enough I had seen this before in the museum in ghost town.

I received 2 copies of this particular booklet so one I will probably separate the pages (one is coming apart, so please don’t come at me) and frame along with the other Knott’s memorabilia i’m slowly collecting and save the other. Since it’s a smaller booklet I took the time to photograph the pages to give you all a peek into what Knott’s was like at one time. I’ll show case the larger booklet in the future. Please enjoy!