In which Beedy tries to bring Knotts home

It’s mid-May 2020, so as you know theme parks are still currently closed. While I wholeheartedly support the closures and other safety measures I admit I miss being able to drive up to Disney or Knott’s to wander the park and eat all the food possible until I gotta roll myself out of there. My heart especially mourns for the Knott’s Berry Farm Boysenberry Festival, so I figured why not try to make some of their dishes at home.

Enter the Knott’s Berry Farm Cookbook.

This cookbook was printed in the late 1970s and copies are fairly easy to find online, typically ranging from $40-80 depending on the condition of the book. I found one that was in pretty good condition, mostly cosmetic damage on the outside and a hand written note to the owners on the inside cover. (Sorry Judy and Jerry, looks like your gift wasn’t rightly appreciated.) The book is filled with classic Knott’s recipes such as their buttermilk biscuits and fried chicken, but also contains ‘interesting’ gems like Sad Eye Joe’s Squash and Good Time Ham and Leak Pie. If you’re familiar with 70’s dining recipes (see the twitter 70s Dinner Party) you have an idea of what I mean.

Over the next few weeks I’ll be sharing my attempts at some of these recipes, and any adjustments that I made in the process. First up, the buttermilk biscuits!